Preparing my house for demolition or sale

Queensland House Removers are industry leaders and specialise in buying, removing and on selling homes. We do all our own removals and every team member is highly trained in their respective field so you can be guaranteed honest experience-based advice every time.

If you need to remove a home from your site there are a few important things you need to consider:

  • Time is of the essence – ideally three to six months is a perfect time frame to allow. This is not always the case and your home may be removed sooner, however it may be worth less money to you.
  • Value – If your home can be onsold by us from its original location, it can be worth substantially more to you because you will save on the cost of the removal.

What are the steps to understanding if I should sell or demolish my house?

  1. Get in touch – The first step is to make contact with us and provide us with the address of the home.
  2. Appraisal – We can generally give you a quick appraisal online or do a drive-by if you don’t want to disturb tenants at this stage.
  3. Inspection – From here one of our qualified representatives can arrange to inspect the home and give you some options based on the suitability of your home for removal for sale, or demolition
  4. Quote – We will provide a detailed quote and review any questions with you
  5. Decision – Once we have agreed on the best option for you it is time to prepare for the upcoming removal.

How is my house removal quoted?

QHR will evaluate your home and provide a quote based on one of these options to suit your circumstances.

  1. QHR can offer you a guaranteed buy price within a set time frame. This gives you the confidence to move forward knowing you can book your builder for a set start date.
  2. QHR can offer you a price subject to finding a buyer for your home. This works best when you want to achieve the best possible price and can afford to wait for the right buyer. If a suitable buyer is not found for your home, we will work with you to understand the market and suitability of your sale price.
  3. QHR can offset some of the cost of your site clean costs by removing your home and using some of the value towards your site clear. There may be some costs involved but it will still be cheaper than full demolition

Removal permits

Once we have agreed on the best option for you it is time to get things for the upcoming removal. The essential things that need to be done prior to any removal are:

  1. Obtain a Decision Notice for the removal of the home. Your home cannot be removed (or demolished) without Council consent. This comes from a private Certifier and QHR can arrange this on your behalf if needed.
  2. Disconnect the power and gas services from the home. This is called an abolishment and involves having the actual line from the street and the meters removed. This is organised through your energy supplier and takes up to 20 working days. Your home cannot be removed until this is done.

QHR takes care of all the removal permits required for transportation of your home. You will be informed throughout the whole process by our friendly professional staff. Once the home has been removed your site will be cleared of any remaining debris and ready for your new build project.

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