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Storage for your Home

In ideal circumstances, houses are transported directly from their starting location to their final destination. Unfortunately, this arrangement only works if everything is in order beforehand, and that’s not always the case.

Whether your buyer falls through, you need more time to secure a destination, or you just need your house gone quickly without a plan for its disposal, we have your back. Our five acre house storage yard located in Caboolture has plenty of room available, so your house can always have a home.

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Get started when you’re ready

Other house removers may need to confirm a set destination before a removal begins, Queensland House Removers can safely remove your house at a time that works for you, giving you the freedom to start your plans for the future on your own schedule.

Our promise to you

We’re dedicated to providing the very best moving and removal services in Queensland. We only buy, sell, and move quality homes which we are sure can hold up to multiple moves and whatever Australia’s legendary climate can throw its way. We’ll also guarantee removal of your house on the scheduled shift date.

Come and see!

QHR is committed to providing client satisfaction and transparency, which is why our house storage yard is always open for visitors. Feel free to come by and check out our range of removal houses. Click to see our opening hours.

Wanted: Houses To Buy

For suitable houses, a removal is a cost efficient alternative to demolition. We will offer a fair price and remove it for you.

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See Us In Action

While you sleep, we are hard at work. Check out our latest projects including house removals, demolitions and boat moves.

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Let's Get Started

We operate in Queensland, Northern NSW and Redland Bay Island area. Get in touch and we can get your project underway.

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