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What costs are involved in buying a removal home

Please note this two page list is a guide to time frames, processes, extra costs involved etc. It cannot berelied upon as a complete information source as every home and every block of land is different. Werecommend you do your own due diligence prior to purchasing any removal home the same as you would for any new home. Steps in purchasing a removal home Find the home or homes you like either from...

Queensland House Removers

Queensland House Removers Sunshine Coast

Queensland House Removers Is now located at 85 Old Toorbul Point Road, Caboolture, highly visible from Bruce highway Caboolture, Our office is a 1900s old Queenslander house which we have Moved and Renovated and turned into our main office, 6 offices spaces, 1 conference room, large reception, situated on 4 acres which Is also our main depot and storage yard, Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8.00 to...

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We Sell Used Homes

Queensland House Removers only sells good quality removal houses. We Sell Used Homes and our prices included delivery within an lOOkm radius and stumped lowset (Highest Extra)Queensland House Removers prefer to move a house from its existing site straight to its new location. Shifting the house once minimises damages, stress to the building structure and costs, these savings are then passed onto you the...

used Homes

Used Homes

We prefer to shift houses straight from its existing site straight to its new location. Shifting the house only once minimises damages and costs. These savings are then passed onto you the client. The sale price on our houses include delivery of your house to its new site within a 100km radius of the existing site and stumped lowset at 600mm. • Outside the 100km area, we may change a per kilometre...

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