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Demolitions And Site Clears

Queensland House Removers are the trusted professionals in the demolition and house removal industry. Demolitions and site clearing are part of our everyday business, which means you can trust our years of experience to get the job done well. We provide demolition services for houses in Queensland, Northern NSW and Redland Bay Island area.

QHR Demolitions include:

  • sewer capping services
  • cost of equipment
  • manpower for the actual demolition itself
  • Complete site clear

Stay in the Loop

A lot goes on during a demolition, but we’re committed to minimising the hassle as much as possible and giving you a stress-free demolition experience. We do everything within our power to keep things running smoothly and keep you updated and involved in the process.

Is House Removal An Option?

For suitable homes, there’s an alternative to demolition. By removing your house and making it available for resale instead of demolishing it, you’re reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste going to landfills, making huge amounts of timber, insulation, and other housing materials available for reuse, and giving someone else the opportunity to upcycle your old home into their dream one. That’s a triple win. Contact us or read more to see if your house is suitable.

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