Council approval for demolishing, removal and relocating houses – What you need to know

You may be a property developer clearing land, or a home owner ready for an upgrade, but the question remains: what do I do with my existing structure? Many home owners are not aware that there is an alternative to demolishing a home, and that they can possibly get their house removed for less than the cost of a structural demolition. Unfortunately, not all homes can be relocated, leaving only one...

Image of shed Queensland house removers


Queensland House Removers specialise in the removal and relocation of homes including the raising, sliding and re-stumping of homes and other structures.

Howard smith wharves once the building project is finished.

Transformation of the Howard Smith Wharves

QHR is proud to be involved with the transformation of the Howard Smith Wharves site on the Brisbane River. QHR raised one of the Wharves sheds, which is a heritage listed building, built back in 1934, The shed is 75m long by 25m wide, the shed has to be raised to 2.8m high, Job well done by the QHR team. Also, like to thank Hutchinson builders for making the raise run smoothly. Pic 1 Is arriving on site...

Wanted houses

Wanted Houses To Buy

Whether you are a commercial developer needing to remove houses from your development block or you are a homeowner wanting to build your dream home but your old house is in the way. Don’t pay thousands to knock it down, have QHR the trusted professionals pay you a fair price for your house. All you do is set back, and we will take care of everything. House Removal is a cost effective and can fit in...

Moving a House

Moving a House

Moving a House What you need to know about Moving a House Upon acceptance of the quote, contracts are drawn up signed, and a deposit is paid. We have a draftsman who works alongside Queensland House Removers. Plans of the house are drawn up along with engineer reports, and council approvals are prepared, this process takes between six and Eight weeks. Once we have the approval for Moving a...

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