The Marvel of House Moving Trucks

Moving houses can be a daunting and intricate task, requiring precision, expertise, and, of course, the right equipment. In the beautiful state of Queensland, Australia, one family-owned and operated business is making waves in the house-moving industry with its new and impressive fleet of trucks designed specifically for this unique purpose.

Queensland House Removers, with over a hundred years of combined experience, has recently acquired a state-of-the-art truck and trailer engineered to revolutionise the art of house moving.  One of the standout features of these trucks is their excessively low gearing. This specialised gearing allows for slow and precise movement through restrictive situations, such as navigating around trees, sloping sites, or roadworks.

When you’re moving an entire house, manoeuvrability is key, and these trucks are equipped to handle even the most challenging scenarios.  The hydraulic push-pull turntable is another game-changer. It eliminates the need for winch trucks, making the entire moving process more efficient and cost-effective. This innovation also enhances the moveability of houses in challenging locations, offering flexibility that sets Queensland House Removers apart from the competition. 

These trucks are built to handle heavy loads, with heavy-duty specifications that allow them to transport extra-heavy structures. This reliability ensures that your house will be moved safely and securely, even if it’s a large and weighty building. 

The trailers used by Queensland House Removers are equally impressive.

The MTE Series 5 – 5 axle trailer is fully hydraulic and steerable, providing an extra layer of control during the transportation process. The side-shift feature further enhances the precision of the operation, ensuring that the house is perfectly aligned throughout the move. Auto raise and level capabilities make it easy to adjust the trailer’s height and level as needed, adding to the overall efficiency and safety of the process. 

The inclusion of weight calculations is a vital feature, as it ensures that the load remains within the safe limits of the trailer and truck. This technology helps to prevent accidents and maintain the integrity of the house being moved. 

One of the most notable aspects of these trailers is their adaptability. They can transfer to a 4-axle configuration if the load is smaller, maximising productivity while reducing costs for clients. This flexibility allows Queensland House Removers to accommodate a wide range of house sizes and shapes.

In addition to increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness, these advanced trailers also provide a smoother ride for the houses they carry. A smoother ride means less stress on the house’s structure and contents, making it a safer and more reliable option for moving your home. 

What’s truly remarkable is that these trucks and trailers can lift houses over barriers up to 3 meters in height while travelling. This opens up even more possibilities for house relocation, as they can navigate over obstacles that might have previously been insurmountable. 

Queensland House Removers takes its job seriously and has an impressive fleet to back them up. With seven prime movers at their disposal and four state-of-the-art house removal trailers, they have the equipment and experience to handle a wide range of house moving projects. Impressively, they have a total of over 50 vehicles in their fleet, including bobcats, excavators, and tip trucks for specific site clearing and onsite earthmoving work. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the move is handled with expertise and precision. 

As a family-owned and run business, Queensland House Removers places a strong emphasis on trust, integrity, and customer satisfaction. With over 10 family members involved in the business, they bring a personal touch to every project, treating each house move as if it were their own. This commitment to excellence and customer care has made them a trusted and sought-after name in the house-moving industry in Queensland.

The amazing trucks used by Queensland House Removers are a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of this family-owned business. With their advanced features, adaptability, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are changing the game of house moving in Australia.

So, if you’re considering relocating your home, or buying a relocatable home, look no further than Queensland House Removers, their super team of 60, and the remarkable fleet of house-moving trucks and trailers.

Your house is in capable hands.

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