Removal Home Process

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Removal Home Process

There are many things to consider in a house removal project. From finding the right home, getting through the plans and building approval, through to the delivery and unload, we are here to help you every step of the way.

1. Finding a home

The first thing you need to do is find a house you like. Queensland House Removers can relocate a house you’ve purchased elsewhere (as long as it is suitable for removal), or we can relocate one that you’ve purchased directly through us. Once you’ve found your ideal home, we’ll prepare the necessary contracts for you to sign for the removal and stumping process. If you’ve
purchased a home from us, there’ll be a separate contract for the purchase. Contracts will always be subject to council approval. 

2. SiTE Inspection

A qualified QHR representative will meet you at your site to inspect your land for any potential issues, such as site access and the slope of your land. If your house was bought independently, it will also need to be inspected to make sure it meets our rigorous quality criteria and is structurally sound for moving.

A excavator may be required to help clear the land for removal, which incurs an additional cost. We have excavators/bobcats and a great machine operator who can achieve the impossible.  You can choose to arrange this yourself if desired.

3. Building plans & approvals

We have a draftsman who works alongside us. He’ll work with you to organise the relevant plans, soil tests, engineering, plumbing approvals, and certifications which allow your move to go underway. The process usually takes 6-8 weeks and costs about $8K-12K (not included in house and move price). You can arrange your own contractor for this if preferred.

4. Delivery

Once approvals are granted, we can arrange transport permits, police escorts and pilots to move your home to your site. This generally takes around two to three weeks. During this time, our crew will be busy onsite preparing your home for removal. This usually takes about 2 to 5 days. You’ll also need to peg out the location on your block where you’d like your house to sit.

Each house move project needs 2-3 police escorts and 2 pilot vehicles (more if the house is split into pieces and needs to travel as a convoy), and can only be done late at night. We prefer to make all our moves in a single trip to minimise any damage to the house.

Many owners choose to travel with us during the move – seeing your house on the road and watching it be delivered is quite the spectacle!


5. Arrival on site

Once we arrive on site, we unload the house onto timber styles or steel house stands. If the house was split in two for the move, it will be rejoined on site. We’ll reinstall the roof, stump the house, and inspections will be done by a certifier (you’ll need Form 12’s provided by your certifier for you Building Final). The house installation takes about 2-4 days for a basic move, or 3-5 days for a cut house.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we won’t leave your lot until you’re happy with the installation, so you can rest assured that your home will arrive in excellent condition and be fully installed when you need it.

6. Connecting utilities

Once your house is in position, your plumbing and electricity can be connected. If you want to have plumbing or electrical work done, it’s best to consult a professional before things are connected up. We can recommend plumbers and electricians to help out with this – they’re fully licensed and do a great job.

7. Move in!

Now that your house has been delivered, you can start your next life stage in your new home. This is where our part of the journey ends. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we won’t leave your job until you’re happy with the installation but we’ll still be around in case you run into any unexpected problems.

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