Benefits of a Removal Home

Why Buy Removal?

Removal Homes Are Built To Last.

Yesteryear’s homes were built to last, and and they’re often much cheaper than building or buying an established home. With a touch of TLC, they can be brought right back to their heyday.

With our professional services (including estimates for durable steel beams, long-lasting stumping, cyclone proofing and laying of roofing installation), Queensland House Removers can set you up in a beautiful Queenslander in no time.

We have public liability and are fully insured for the entire duration of your removal home project, so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during your relocation, it won’t come back to bite you.

Homes In Our Yard Are Insured.

We prefer to move houses straight from their existing site to their new location, but we can also store them in our Caboolture storage yard while they’re waiting for building approval if needed.

Save Yourself The Cost

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on a home that makes you unhappy. A removal home is significantly cheaper than building or buying established housing, leaving you with a bigger budget for future improvements and living your life.

Help Save Our Planet

Removing a house doesn’t just save it from demolition; it saves tons of valuable resources, provides another person with a starting point (or fantastic end result) for their dream home, and gives your house a new life in a new location.

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