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House slides, raises and re-stumps are a key part of our service. Whether it’s craning buildings from one site to another or sliding and stumping a heritage-listed home, Queensland House Removers has the team for the job. We can do the jobs that no other house remover will take on. We operate across Queensland, Northern NSW and the Redland Bay Island areas.

Looking to add a home expansion? Instead of building outwards, you can choose to build up! Our highly experienced crew can lift your home onto higher stumps, creating more usable space for your expansion without costing your yard. The only real question is what to add!

Whether your house is changing location or its original stumps are beginning to degrade, we can take care of your re-stumping. Our quality stumps are built to last and can be easily painted to perfectly preserve your house’s facade.

How to check the health of my stumps?

A major structural failure can be costly, and insurance companies might not cover the damage. To avoid concern, it’s important to regularly check your home’s stumps and keep an eye out for the warning signs.

  • Does your house feel level? If not, you might have a stump or two that have shifted.
  • Have your windows and door frames moved? They might become difficult to open and close.
  • Are there cracks in your walls or ceiling? Shifting stumps can cause plaster to warp and crack.

Why do house stumps fail?

There are many reasons why you might need to replace the stumps of your house. Wooden stumps can rot due to water or termite damage, or they can shift if not properly installed.

Concrete posts can suffer from wear-and-tear, poor quality cement and cracking. Steel posts tend to perform the best, even in coastal areas. However, they may cause problems if poor quality steel is used, or if the coating becomes damaged and leaves the metal exposed.

The benefits of house restumping

Instead of expanding your home outward, you can choose to move your whole home up and add rooms below the existing building. By installing taller stumps, you can raise your house and create extra space.

Many old houses in South East Queensland struggle with rot and termite damage. If this is the case, re-stumping will give the house a secure foundation again and add many more years to the home.

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