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House Raising

Queensland House Removers are not only experts in moving houses from one plot of land to another; we’re also specialists in house lifting, house raising, and restumping.

There are many reasons why might raise your home. Maybe you need more living space but don’t want to move, or you want garage space for that ‘project’. Some people realise that that sea view is only a small raise away, where others are trying to avoid another flood.

House lifting – or house raising – needs not be a very expensive experience either. It’s often a lot cheaper than selling and moving to a new house.

The up-and-under process lets you lift and upgrade your home by building a lower level below the existing structure.

Build under renovation

A build under renovation is where the house is lifted and stumps and beams are placed underneath. The house is then lowered back on top of the new stumps and beams leaving you with a 2nd level building and a blank open area underneath ready to be built in however you please.

This type of renovation is very popular with people living near the CBD in smaller properties, where expanding sideways is not always an option.

Flipping houses, and the art of making a good investment.

Property prices close to the city boomed in recent years, and land is scarcer than a Broncos win. Many property flippers are eyeing old Queenslanders in and around the city centre. These wooden homes are perfect for a lift. You can add garage space, a rumpus room for the kids, and so much more.

What you need to know about raising a home and building under it

Not all homes are suitable for the up and under reno project. But if it’s a timber-framed structure, it’s likely that we can raise and re-stump it.

Using a reputable house raising company like Queensland House Removers is your first step. We are experienced, and can guide you through all the necessary paperwork and council approvals you will need.

You will also need to adhere to the local council requirements, which will vary depending on where you live. You may also need a contractor licence from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

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