Why now is a good time to get a granny flat

Anyone keeping half an eye and ear on the SE Queensland housing market, will be well aware that things are moving fast.

House prices are going up faster than ever, builders can’t keep up… and those who can, can’t find building materials, or tradies to complete the job. And, we haven’t even mentioned the rental shortage yet.

A massive surge in rental demand is pushing rental prices to a level that is unaffordable to most, and yet, the demand keeps coming, and landlords keep cashing in.

Everywhere children are being shuffled out of their rooms to make space for homeless family members, and anyone and everyone with a spare room are renting it out to those in need.

This rising surge in demand for homes and a place to stay is not expected to end anytime soon, and with a rising repo rate, buying a house is out of the question for many Queenslanders planning to purchase their first home.

 What appears as a disaster for some, soon becomes an opportunity for others, and that opportunity might present itself as the perfect investment plan.

Investing in a prefabricated granny flat offers you the opportunity to cash in on the massive demand for housing, gives you the opportunity to invest in a building that will pay itself off in a short period of time, and you get to help someone in need of a place to call home. Even if it is just your granny.

Queensland House Removers is now building new transportable homes, with over 100 years’ experience in the removal home business and built over 1000 homes in the past, it makes no sense for us to bring back the new build homes.  With our modern home designs, built at our main business premises at Caboolture.  We currently have a 2 bedroom granny flat style home named the Fraser and 1 bedroom named the Moreton.  Both options are beautifully crafted, architecturally designed contemporary homes, versatile layouts, high-end fixtures and fittings.

We’ve used quality products all around, from the floor coverings to the raked ceilings, both our granny flat options come fully plumbed and wired to under floor, making them ready to go.

View floor plans for 1-bedroom granny flat (Moreton), and our 2-bedroom granny flat (Fraser).

Now is the time to cash in on the housing crisis, get your granny flat now and start making money.  We have homes all ready built and ready to go.

Queensland House Removers includes supply, delivery within 100km from our depot, lowset stumping, a welcome deck with stairs included with the purchase of either the two-bedroom cabin (Fraser), or the one-bedroom cabin (Moreton).

Extra costs are applicable to assist in getting Building Approval, connection to plumbing and power, and for deliveries to NSW, the Bay Islands, or people living beyond our free 100km delivery range.

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