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Before you commence any major structural work on your home, you have to make sure that you are working with experienced and qualified professionals. There is nothing easy about moving a home from one point to another.

Queensland House Removers have moved more than 7,500 homes all across South East Queensland and NSW. We’re the trusted specialists in house moving, raising and restumping.

Our quoting process is thorough and extensive. We look at the structural integrity of the home and property, analyse the logistics involved, and ensure that our staff can work in a safe and secure environment. We guarantee the quality of our work, and go the extra mile to keep you involved and up-to-date though the whole house sliding experience.

I want to move my house

There are many reasons why you might move your house or slide it across the property. A few reasons include:

  • Moving the house away from the street to build a garage or car port.
  • Moving the house forward to create space for a larger backyard or pool.
  • Subdividing a larger property, keeping the existing structure and creating space to move or build a new house on the adjacent property.
  • Saving a heritage building from demolition.
  • Rotating a house to take advantage of the sun or a view.

Your first step towards moving your home is contacting Queensland House Removers. Our team will guide you through the necessary paperwork and council requirements, and we will advise where and when the services of an architect or engineer will be required.

If we encounter existing issues that might hamper the move, we will advise on how to proceed and help you get the structure ready for the big shift.

Once the quote has been approved and the sliding starts, it takes about two weeks to finish. During this time, you will need to evacuate the premises. You cannot return until all work is signed off by the lead engineer.

All services will be disconnected during the slide and reconnected once the house is secured in its new location.

What paperwork will be required to slide my house?

There are many council approvals required to slide a house into a new location. Even if you are making the smallest of shifts, you will need the following paperwork:

  • Engineering and building plans of the house and property
  • Soil test (when stumping is involved)
  • Form 16 – proof that work was inspected and complies with plans and building codes.

Feel free to ask us about the required paperwork, or visit the Brisbane City Council’s website for more information.

Working with Queensland House Removers

Queensland House Removers is a family business with extensive experience in building, moving, re-stumping and sliding houses.


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