Do I Need Approval to Demolish my House?

Demolish my house

There are many requirements that need to be met before demolishing a house. These requirements can vary depending on the location and size of the house, as well as the specific laws and regulations in your area. At Queensland House Removers, we assess your house for demolition, take care of the required permits and approvals, and provide effective communication throughout the entire process.

If you are considering demolishing your house, firstly, contact Queensland House Removers and provide the address where the house is located. Then, we will provide an appraisal either through online means or a drive-by, followed by an inspection. Here, we will discuss if your house should be demolished, or may be suitable to be removed for sale, and a quote will be provided.

House removal is a beneficial option, as it decreases waste, minimises costs, and increases savings. However, if this is not possible and demolition is therefore considered the most practical option, there are various legalities which must be adhered to, and Queensland House Removers will support you through this.

For houses in the Brisbane region, City Plan online mapping is an important tool used to determine if Council planning approval must be requested before demolition, and if so, the assessment level required. This online tool provides information regarding the zoning, neighbourhood plans, and overlays of your house’s location, and town planners can be contacted through the Brisbane Council at 07 3403 8888. There are similar resources available for houses outside the Brisbane region. Queensland House Removers will assist you during this assessment for demolition suitability.

Specifically, in Brisbane, planning approval likely will not be required by the Council if your house adheres to the following traits:

Planning approval is not required in Brisbane for the demolition of free-standing outbuildings that were constructed post-1946. The specifications regarding approval requirements are addressed in the Brisbane City Plan 2014. It’s best to check with local authorities to determine what permits and approvals are required in your area before you proceed with the process. Queensland House Removers are experienced in demolishing houses throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales, and the Redland Bay Islands, and will assist you here.

If you require planning approval for demolition, our qualified, registered and insured team will provide advice and support as to the next steps.

Regardless of planning approval requirements, a Decision Notice providing Council consent must be obtained before demolition. Queensland House Removers can organise this for you if you prefer, and this notice is provided by a private certifier. Another legal requirement that must be adhered to before demolition is the disconnecting of power and gas services from the building (abolishment). This can take approximately 20 work days, and involves your energy supplier removing the line from the street and meters.

House removal requires a few other forms of approval, including house transportation permits. These are organised by Queensland House Removers. A plumbing approval may also be required for demolishing your house to close the sewer, and a footpath permit may also be needed if a truck must block a path during the demolishing. Queensland House Removers will help you navigate this.

Demolishing a house can be an exciting process filled with new opportunities; however, it is important to obtain the necessary approvals and permits before undertaking the project. At Queensland House Removers, we will support you in understanding and gaining location-specific, house-specific requirements to provide you with new living possibilities.

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