What costs are involved in buying a removal home

Please note this two page list is a guide to time frames, processes, extra costs involved etc. It cannot be
relied upon as a complete information source as every home and every block of land is different. We
recommend you do your own due diligence prior to purchasing any removal home the same as you would for any new home.

Steps in purchasing a removal home

  1. Find the home or homes you like either from our website or become one of our database clients to be emailed preferential first options on new listings
  2. Inspect the home onsite with one of our qualified staff members.
  3. Sign two contracts with Qld House Removers – One to purchase the actual home, the second for the removal and stumping of your home. This will always be subject to Council approval.
  4. A qualified QHR representative will then meet you at your site to discuss siting options, slope of your land and any potential issues in gaining access to your site. The most common item required is a bulldozer or excavator to assist us getting the home into the desired location. We can organize this but it is at your cost. Generally allow between $1K and $3K for excavation to assist positioning the home in the desired location.
  5. Documentation. Have all relevant plans, soil tests, engineering, plumbing approvals, building approvals, certifications done asap. Your home cannot be moved to your site before this is completed. You are welcome to arrange this yourself or we can refer you to a third party who can do this for you. This process generally takes around six to eight weeks and costs between $9K and $15K all up. This cost is not included in the listed price and is to be paid directly to person coordinating the works
  6. Once approvals have been granted QHR are able to arrange transport permits to remove your new home to your site. This generally takes around two to three weeks
  7. Once we have your home on site the time frame to complete our works is around four to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the job, distance etc

Financing a removal home

How is my house removal quoted?

  1. Get in touch – The first step is to make contact with us and provide us with the address of the home.
  2. Appraisal – We can generally give you a quick appraisal online or do a drive-by if you don’t want to disturb tenants at this stage.
  3. Inspection – From here one of our qualified representatives can arrange to inspect the home and give you some options based on the suitability of your home for removal for sale, or demolition
  4. Quote – We will provide a detailed quote and review any questions with you
  5. Decision – Once we have agreed on the best option for you it is time to prepare for the upcoming removal.

Financing a removal home

Generally banks will not lend for a removal home directly as the home is not being constructed on site. No matter what your broker tells you this will ultimately be the case.

You will need access to your money to complete the removal process either as cash in the bank or a line of credit or similar from your bank. This is generally obtained as a loan secured by equity in other property you have. In certain cases you can use a SMSF to finance as well, please check with your accountant if you think this may be an option for you.

We can refer you to a qualified lender who may be able to assist but you will need pre approval before we
are able to take a home off the market for you.

Extra costs with a removal home

Here are extra costs involved with any removal homes on top of the advertised prices. Generally, the advertised price will include:

  • The home purchase, removal within 100km from the original site
  • Lowset stumping

As every home is different and every site is different, please take the below as general information only, and exact quotes should be discussed with us directly.

Additional costs on top of the listed house price can include:

  • Sloping sites, highset costs or adverse soil types – your consultant can estimate this for you in most cases
  • Distance from the homes original location to your site – your consultant can quote this for you
  • Any renovation work the existing home may need
  • Reconnection of services on your new site (plumbing and power)
  • Reconnection of stairs and handrails to comply with BCA requirements
  • Provide a laundry facility if not already available
  • Tie down upgrade – this can generally be quoted initially if the classification is known
  • Plans, engineering, soil testing, certification etc – refer to previous page for more detail

You will also be required to pay a bond to your local Council in most cases before approvals are granted. This is refundable upon completion and in certain cases can be covered by a Bank Guarantee. Different Councils vary greatly so please check with your local Council first or ask us for our previous experiences.

Please bear in mind this is a generic document and may not be specific to your actual situation. It has been developed to assist you in making an informed choice as to whether a removal home may be suitable for your needs. It should not replace your own due diligence.

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