Council approval for demolishing, removal and relocating houses – What you need to know

You may be a property developer clearing land, or a home owner ready for an upgrade, but the question remains: what do I do with my existing structure?

Many home owners are not aware that there is an alternative to demolishing a home, and that they can possibly get their house removed for less than the cost of a structural demolition. Unfortunately, not all homes can be relocated, leaving only one option, demolition.

But, before you demolish a building, it is essential to know the rules and regulations. There are many houses or features that may be demolished without council approval, but there are just as many, if not more, that will require necessary paperwork before destruction can begin.

A good standard to use is the following… If the building was built after 1946, then you’re probably good to go, but not if:

* The building is listed on the heritage register.

* On a site in the pre-1911 building overlay.

* On a site in the traditional building character overlay.

* It is a commercial character building.

* It is a rooming accommodation (registered boarding house).

* On a site where demolition is assessable under a neighbourhood plan.

Minor work on a local heritage structure can continue with a heritage exemption certificate.

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Removing a house or structure from one property, and resettling it elsewhere, is not free of legislation, but it is a great alternative to simply demolishing a perfectly fine house.

Queensland House Removals operate in south east Queensland, and can collect, and relocate homes from the Gold Coast, in the south, Sunshine Coast in the north, Bay Islands in the east, and as far as Ipswich in the west.

Based in Caboolture, where we have a large house storage yard, we can store homes, but we often sell the house before it is even collected, reducing the strain on the structure.

For demolition work, house removals, or relocations, please call Queensland House Removers today at 07 5499 2160, or email reception.

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