Boat move from Gympie to Tin Can Bay

From Land to Sea, we will get you there.

People love their boats, especially big boats! At QHR we specialise in moving boats. When moving your pride and joy all care is taken to ensure its safe arrival. QHR has the only specialised hydraulic house trailer which is the perfect size for boat removal.

As you can imagine each boat is different, so before we can organise you a quote we need to know a few things:
Distance to water- Length of Boat- Weight of boat- Will the shift need police and pilots

Don’t trust your boat to be moved by any movers, call QHR and see how the trusted professionals take care of your “pride and joy

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Boat Loaded, being shifted to marina Arrives at marina, waiting for the tide, so boat can be position, and then floated on high tide with Boat mast in place
Backing down boat ramp, on a low tide, Boat a float, happy owners celebrating with a glass of champagne

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