Queensland House movers

Drill Shed Fortitude Valley

 Drill Shed Fortitude Valley Moved By Queensland House Removal The building was built in the 1880s, alongside it was a caretaker’s cottage and an orderly room, which we also had to move. This job was a bit too big for our other competitors, It took approx 3 weeks to finish and a lot of hard work, the building today is a heritage building fully renovated, and surrounded by high rises. The building...

House cut in two and loaded on removal truck

Another successful move by Queensland House Movers

 Queensland House Movers have moved and stumped over 5500 used homes. This house was shifted from Greenslopes to Laceys Creek; The house was perched on a hill in Greenslopes overlooking Brisbane city and been built there in the early 1900s, Queensland House Removers had to remove the house to make way for units. The house was cut into two pieces, loaded and shifted at midnight with three police, two...

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