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Buderim to King Scrub QLD

This house was moved from Buderim to King Scrub QLD, was cut into 2 pieces, It took the crew 2 days to cut the house in half, take the roof off and load the house onto the trailers. With three Police and two pilots, they arrived on site around 3am. After the crew have a little shut-eye, they are then off to work to unload at height, put the roof back on, join the house back together and re-stump. Another...

House cut in half

House moved by crane in Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Queensland House Removers in action at Buderim Sunshine Coast This is an interesting job we recently completed in Buderim, the house was cut in half and each section was craned from the trailer onto the footings, this was the only way that this house could be placed into position due to the lack of room, and steep slope of the...

Moving a House

Moving a House

Moving a House What you need to know about Moving a House Upon acceptance of the quote, contracts are drawn up signed, and a deposit is paid. We have a draftsman who works alongside Queensland House Removers. Plans of the house are drawn up along with engineer reports, and council approvals are prepared, this process takes between six and Eight weeks. Once we have the approval for Moving a House. A date...

Coorparoo  – Vantage

Queensland House Removers We had to slide, raise and re-stump this huge home, it has been transformed into 8 townhouses, Brisbane city views, Queensland House Removers we do the jobs no other house remover will...

Drill Shed Fortitude Valley

 Drill Shed Fortitude Valley Moved By Queensland House Removal The building was built in the 1880s, alongside it was a caretaker’s cottage and an orderly room, which we also had to move. This job was a bit too big for our other competitors, It took approx 3 weeks to finish and a lot of hard work, the building today is a heritage building fully renovated, and surrounded by high rises. The building had...

Kin-Kin Sunshine Coast

Home Moved From Windsor To Kin Kin

Shift from Windsor to Kin Kin This was a single shift leaving midnight under 2 police and 2 pilot escorts and arriving on site next morning before shift –This is the house before it was sifted to its new location arrived on site.         House is being unloaded to height, still has the trailer underneath, house is left on stands or timber styles until it is stumped The Roof is...

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