Queensland House Removers

House Removing

Queensland House Removers is owned and operated by John Wright, with 2 brothers and 3 sons who work alongside him.
We have moved and stumped over 5500 used homes, built and moved 520 new homes. Enjoying what we do and sharing a great passion in the removal of houses, our commitment is to you the client.
Queensland House Removers Specialise in moving your house.
Queensland House RemoversWe have a passion for removing old homes.
We will give you the best quality product possible in an efficient manner on time.
Customer satisfaction is of paramount concern to us, we will not leave your job until you are completely satisfied.
At Queensland House Removers we provide not just a great product but an excellent service as well.
What sets us apart from our competitors.
Purchasing a home is a huge decision, one which you would expect to last a lifetime,
Queensland House removers are committed to helping you choose the right home for your current and future needs.
We move houses anywhere in Queensland, Northern NSW and the Bay Islands.


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