Slides, Raises, and Re-Stumps

Up, under, and around

Slides, Raises, And Re-Stumps

House slides, raises and re-stumps are a key part of our service. Whether it’s craning buildings from one site to another or sliding and stumping a heritage-listed home, Queensland House Removals has the team for the job. We can do the jobs that no other house remover will take on. We operate across Queensland, Northern NSW and the Redland Bay Island areas.

House slides

Home not built to get the most out of its location? There’s a solution for that. Using our specialist equipment and professional know-how, we can slide your house to another position on the same block, allowing you to get the most out of your land or free up space for an extension or other project.

Overdue For A Raise?

Looking to add an expansion to your home? Rather than building outwards, you can choose to build up! Our highly experienced crew can lift your home onto higher stumps, which creates more usable space for your expansion without costing you your yard. The only real question is what to add!

Stand Taller

Whether it’s due to a change in house location or height, or your house’s original stumps are beginning to degrade, we can take care of your re-stumping. Our quality stumps are built to last and can be easily painted to perfectly preserve your house’s facade.

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