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The team at QHR did an outstanding job in moving a lovely Queenslander to our remote rural block in Northern NSW from bayside Brisbane.
The road up is narrow and windy, and most people are white knuckled in just driving on up the ‘old banana track’. But the team at QHR didn’t baulk and pulled off a precise and nuanced operation in getting the house up the hill, through the creeks and across the paddock.
The weather wasn’t kind (understatement – it was in the middle of the east coast lows of winter ’16), though the boys remained upbeat and pragmatic in completing the project to rejoin, stump and reroof, so as to enable us to have a lovely family home.
Our 93 year old neighbour who has lived there his whole life said its one of the wildest things he’s ever seen. All our visitors, to a person, are adamant it was an impossible move. Some refuse to believe it wasn’t dropped in by an old Chinook helicopter.
I don’t reckon too many others, if any, would have taken it on.
But the QHR team, together with a superstar local, Josh Fogarty, on a 25 ton digger, tackled it with professionalism, experience, determination, and a smile.
They pulled off a minor miracle that they’ll be talking about for generations in our lovely valley. Thank you.

QHR did an outstanding job

I had my granny flat moved in my back yard from one side to the other side by Queensland House Removers just recently. I would strongly recommend this company, as I found them to be very professional in their work and mannerisms and they did a fantastic job and were very accommodating to my needs. The communication was very good, kept in informed with the procedures. When the job was finished they left the site very tidy and clean. I am very happy with the job they did for me and would definitely use this company again for other projects.

Lucy Howe

I engaged John Wright and his team to move a house from the Brisbane area to the Ipswich region in late 2014. Once at the new site, they restumped, levelled and braced the house. Throughout the whole process I was well informed of how the move would occur. Leanne in the office took care of all the permits, insurances etc and John and the boys were very careful with the move. In face, I can even say that not one tile cracked in any of the rooms. Considering the house was moved in 2 stages, I was pleasantly surprised! I think their experience and knowledge in this field led to a successful move and as a bonus it was great talking with John about my renovation plans and hearing his thoughts as he’s a builder as well. All in all, I was very happy with their service and in face, am currently talking to them about a re-stump and raising of a different property that will be happening shortly.

Anna-Maria La Spina

In November 2014, I acquired an older colonial house from an inner city block about to be redeveloped. It was located in Woollonngabba and I prepared to undertake its removal to a vacant block I had recently purchased in Albion. After approaching a number of local firms to provide costing and more specifically, the procedural timeframe involved with such an exercise, it became abundantly clear that QLD House Movers were a cut above the rest. They did not hesitate to supply me with the most important information regarding all aspects of the process. This was done in a friendly way that I could easily understand and also included a summary of the necessary approvals required. Already impressed with their level of commitment at the preliminary phase, I was pleasantly surprised when it was subsequently revealed their quotation was also the most cost effective for my project. Needless to say, that at the time of the shift, QLDHR’s professionalism was once again on display as the move went ahead on schedule and without issue. Using what I consider to be very up to date equipment, their highly skilled staff soon has the house perfectly positioned on my new site. I was so happy, that I also gave them the option of stumping the dwelling and on completion, could not have asked for a better job. I would not hesitate to recommend QLD House Removers to anyone considering moving a house in metropolitan, or regional Queensland based on the overwhelmingly positive experience I had with this firm.

B. Rumble